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How to Select and Implement the Right Software

By Irv Brownstein

How often have you been burned on your software purchases?

Never make the wrong software purchase again - you and your company can't afford it!

With How to Select and Implement the Right Software Irv Brownstein launches his new Software Evaluation Guideline series filling the void in the industry for consistent, straightforward, repeatable, comprehensive standard for selecting and acquiring software.

Purchasing a new inventory control system, CRM package, HR or accounting system can run into the hundreds of thousands of dollars very quickly. Add on the installation, training, updating, and internal support costs and you're heading into the stratosphere. You must make these choices rationally and sanely. Now you can with a little help from Irv Brownstein, an expert in software selection and acquisition, who will guide you through a process step-by-step.

You need a flexible, scalable, and adaptable method to make the right software selection and acquisition decision every time...every time. This Guideline benefits you in many other ways for sustainable results beyond the initial software purchase...

  • Established standards for repeatability and efficiency to reduce the cost of software selection and increase you ability to plan, control, and document software purchase efforts
  • Database of completed software reviews for reference and organizational learning, eliminating "reinventing the wheel" for every software purchase
  • Common Body of Knowledge for everyone to draw on, ensuring predictability in software selection and driving down risk
  • Maintained compliance with vendor contract management and regulatory requirements to avoid penalties and litigation for acquired software.

This invaluable Guideline features important content that ensure your success.

  • Training document for new employees or those who are new to making major software purchases and investments
  • Documents requirements in a structured manner allowing for prioritization and testing traceability for software purchases
  • Appendices of most current information on related vendors, approaches, and products related to software acquisition
  • Ready reference to perform each step of software evaluation
  • Rating and scoring for 5 key areas that must be part of every software evaluation
  • Method to estimate time and people needed for every activity in the software selection process
  • Planning guidelines for all possible software selection and acquisition tasks.

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